Follow 5 simple tips for more zampple points! #4 17 March 2016

Tip No4. There are some general rules to follow in order to gain more points.

Until now, through "zampple tips" section we have destroyed all the myths surrounding the zammple’s points rewarding system. So, this time we will focus on basic and simple rules that can increase your quality score and provide you extra points and more chances for your subscription’s renewal.

We will take as an example two different answers in the question
« Why did you feel –Hapiness-?»

Answer 1: ‘I loved its taste and I felt happy that it has various usages. It is super!’ Answer 2: ‘Arketa kali gefsi…(which means "Good enough taste..." in Greek but it is written with Latin characters )

Both answers have positive meaning. However, it is obvious that the first one scores better and gains more points because it consists of a complete sentence, that has clear meaning and two reasons that justify why the member claims the emotion of "Happiness".

Moreover, the sentence is written in Greek and not in Greeklish. On the other hand, the second answer is very general, the sentence does not include a verb and it is written in Greeklish that is not recognized by the algorithm that we have developed in order to ‘evaluate…your evaluations’. Therefore, such an evaluation will reduce your overall quality score and you will loose zampple points.

zampple TIP: Prefer to skip an answer to a question if it is aired like in the second case (answer 2).

Find more tips in our next news!

Follow 5 simple for more zampple points! #3 9 February 2016

Tip No 3: Whether you choose to write your own comment or you agree with another member's comment, your zampple points are not affected.

Your opinion matters to zampple! That’s why we ask you to justify the rates that you give for every product’s parameter. The wide variety of open comments that you made, give us the opportunity to leverage important information regarding product’s characteristics that need to be pointed out or changed, always having as our ultimate goal to ensure better products for all.

Though, how many times you cannot express precisely your experience with a product?

Those are the times when someone else has found the appropriate words to express exactly what you felt when you tried the product. In these cases, you can agree with another member’s comment on a product’s dimension by using it unchanged or making some wording changes and the gained points are influenced only by the quality and consistency of your comments and not by their author!

zampple TIP: zampple’s new platform thinks for you in advance! By collecting and continuously refreshing the flow of the open comments per evaluation, you can see both the most recent and the most popular comments for each open question.

Stay tuned for more tips in the upcoming News!

Follow 5 simple tips for more zampple points! #2 15 December 2015

2. A positive or negative evaluation, does not affect your membership rewards points!

In other words, a positive evaluation is as significant as a negative one. That means that your zampple points are not affected by a positive or negative assessment for a product.

Either you ‘liked’ it or not, we reward the accuracy and honesty of your ratings and comments given that they contribute in the optimization of a product if needed and give important insights to the company.

All the evaluations are a very useful tool for the companies in order to make improvements to a product or to shape their marketing strategy according to consumers’ needs.

Because of this fact, we request to have tried every product at least 3 times before each evaluation.

To sum up! Don’t forget:

i . The purpose is common: Ensure better products for all!

ii. Whether positive or negative, an accurate and honest review will be rewarded with the same points!

You can find more tips in the upcoming zampple news!

Follow 5 simple tips for more zampple points! #tip1 15 December 2015

1.Consistency between product ratings & open comments

As we have highlighted several times, it is very important to demonstrate consistency between the rating that you give for every basic parameter of a product and the open comments that you make for justifying it.

Lets take as an example the packaging parameter of an X product.

After having taken some time to carefully assess the X packaging, you give a rate of 4/5 because you feel satisfied by its overall features. Therefore, the corresponding comment has to justify the positive review that you have made above.

Consequently, you have to evaluate packaging in terms of design, practicality and information.

Assuming that you have already give an overall rating of 4/5 for the packaging parameter, the more specific packaging variables (design, practicality, information) have to score equally or closely given that you are generally satisfied with the whole package. In this context and for ensuring the consistency and the quality of consumers’ evaluations, we have launched zampple-i, a system that reassures that the game rules are being followed and it somehow "evaluates your… evaluations”. In this way, zampple makes sure that the quality score of your reviews is being secured.

Bear in mind all the above so as to increase the quality score of your evaluations and the chances for your subscription's renewal.

Otherwise, you risk affecting negatively your quality score and your subscription’s renewal.

Stay tuned for more tips!

Zampple-i - zamppling the right way 26 February 2015

As you already know, zampple is like a game, and like every game, zampple rewards those who play it the right way. In this context, we are launching zampple-i, a system that reassures that the game rules are being followed and it somehow "evaluates your… evaluations”. This way, zampple makes sure that the quality of your reviews is being secured and that they will continue to maintain this quality so as to help and give value to all companies who give their products.

Zampple - i will check: In what way is this going to be done?

Zampple - i uses the Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning technology which never stops evolving & getting better and better. So, for the time being you won’t see any differentiation in your points. But keep in mind that the quality of your evaluations is the most important criteria for the renewal of your application.

Extra tip: It’s better not to do at all an evaluation rather than doing it in a hurry!

Do not forget that zampple’s philosophy is based in your valuable reviews, negative or positive ones, but always true and constructive. For this we thank you! Keep up the good job and share your opinion through your reviews. Zampple-i will just secure their value!

zampple Evangelists 4 November 2014

The zampple philosophy is all about the following moto: “We improve products that need it, we promote products that are worth it”. Besides the review, another important aspect of zampple’s contribution is the promotion of products that are worth it via Word of Mouth. We strongly believe that your opinion can influence way more than a TV ad and this is why in 2015 we are launching a new service that will address members who have a special influence and capabilities to promote products that are worth it (i.e. beauty and food bloggers, journalists, etc…). Those members will share exclusive benefits such as participation in special activities with FMCGs companies, exclusive product trials, etc.

If you believe that you definitely have to be part of our Evangelists team send an e-mail to, put “Evangelist” as subject and take a minute to explain us in a few words why you believe so!

Tip: Don’t forget to include important links (such as your site, your blog, etc…) and whatever you think it might help us to judge your participation.

Skip contest 1 July 2015

During June, we organized a competition offering Skip capsules for 1 year as a gift. We received hundreds of entries, and we ended the competion on June, the 30th! In order to participations to be valid, we created a quiz for our fans! The answers to the questions are as follows:

Q.1 What we have to do when we wash our swimsuits?

Re: Not to soak them and to squeeze them gently

Q.2 When you see at the care label an iron with 2 dots, what is the highest temperature that you can iron the garment?

Re:150° C

Q.3 How to place the capsule in the bin?

Re: Beneath the clothes before the bucket is filled with clothes

Q.4:For normally soiled clothes in a washing machine with bucket capacity of 6kg, how many capsules are needed?

Re: 1 capsule

Thank you all very much for participating! The 10 winners will be announced after the draw that will take place on the 10th of July!

Zampple Certificates are here! 4 March 2014

As of March 2014, zampple offers the certificate "Product Worth Trying" to products that meet certain criteria regarding the feedback they got in areas like performance, taste, value for money, and also packaging. It is a certification like no other as it is given by consumers that try and evaluate every month more than 20,000 products.

In the page "products that worth it", you can see all the products that have been certified by zampple and this list will be continuously enriched with every product that, once the feedback cycle is finished, we see that meets the criteria. All new additions to the list will be added every month to the website and on Facebook.

Zampple is one year old! 31 january 2014

It has already been one year since the first day that zampple store opened up its doors in Sintagma. So much has happened during this year! We met 4,000 zampplers, we partnered up with 90 companies, we scanned 200,000 products, we advanced an innovative reviewing platform, we talked to TV and radio stations like SKAI and Athina 984.

But perhaps the most important thing that happened is that we saw the tremendous power that consumer feedback has: For consumers, for the people working for a product and of course, for the products themselves.

We do our bit for ActionAid 12 December 2013

During the Christmas period, in zampple store reception area you can see and buy ActionAid products, thus sending your solidarity to the poorest people of this planet.

Zampple team helps with the space, the hands and the passion. We are sure that you will help with your support by choosing to give a more special meaning to this year’s Christmas gifts.

Zampple at Joy 22 October 2013

See what Stamatis and a few zampplers said at SKAI TV’s show “Joy” on our unique privilege to give feedback for the products that we try! Visit the link , go to 11’ and enJoy!
3,000 Zampplers 18 June 2013

With Fotini we are now 3,000 zampplers!

We want to send a huge Thanks to all of you for spreading the word for zampple but also to the Zampple Store team that listens, helps, advises and finds 3,000 ways to makes us all smile!

Photography competition 17 April 2013

The winners of the competition are Zoe K., Foteini K., Elpida T., Sophia A., Eftichia T., Maria M., Sophia G., Konstantina M., Silvia R., & Amalia S. We have sent you an email with the details.

Congrats to you and many thanks to everyone for your great photos!