Start up your own zampple
Zampple is the 1st club in the world that brings consumers so close to brands and lets them review and improve the products
they try through a fun, online procedure! Find out more: Find out more: Here

With a small setup fee & an ongoing licence fee we can help you open up your very own zampple store in your country.
More specifically, we will provide you with:
  • 1. Customised zampple
    Our platform covers every process: from project booking and invoicing to reviews and real-time reporting, from product inventory to member registrations and check-outs. It is an advanced market research platform combined with a customised ERP system that has been developed from scratch to serve zampple needs.
  • 2. Corporate toolbox
    After over 2,000 contacts with national and multinational brands, we have what you need in order to succeed. We will provide you with all the necessary tools & resources: from graphic designs to communication manuals and website templates, from corporate presentations to client tips and many more.
  • 3. Store design guidelines
    Zampple store is a key pillar of the overall experience. After over 75,000 visits we don’t just master the aesthetics but also the practical aspects. We will provide you with specific directions regarding the store you will need to rent along with how to design, equip and staff it.
  • 4. Full training
    Wisdom of zampple is hidden within our people. There are numerous things that cannot be captured in spreadsheets and powerpoints. You’ll need to live them. You can send two people for 2 weeks to go through all our processes (Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Reviews, etc.) and work along with every zampple team member.
  • 5. Global client notification
    After only 3 years of operations zampple’s clientele consists of almost every FMCG company in Greece. We keep getting requests from the multinational ones to provide this service abroad. They will love to hear that we have a partner abroad!
What does it take?